I have been blessed to have had Christa both as a teacher and colleague.  She is an inspiring and committed yoga teacher with an incredible presence and a lightness and energy that brings a sense of joy into her teaching.

She is articulate and incredibly knowledgeable about the body and yoga and creates a safe container which allows her students to deepen and surrender into their practice. Whether teaching a novice or a seasoned practitioner, she has wisdom and experience to offer something to all.  She is a true yogi in that she lives her yoga both on and off the mat and is completely authentic in her dealings with people.  She makes a true difference in this world.

- Annie Burgess


I know Christa as both a yoga teacher and mentor when I completed my 200-hour teacher training and in a nutshell, she is a remarkable person. She truly leaves a lasting impression on her students. Christa radiates positivity, playfulness, and a passion for yoga. Her classes are challenging, fun, and creative, focusing on proper alignment and bringing lightness into your practise.

As a teacher trainer, Christa provided strong guidance and shared her in-depth teaching knowledge, but more importantly, she helped me tap into my own purpose, confidence, and authenticity as a yoga teacher. She has been an inspirational role model in both my teaching and my practise. I am incredibly blessed to have Christa as a teacher, mentor, and friend.

-Samantha Roztis