Join Our 30 Day Mind-Body-Life Challenge
(Oct 15th - Nov 13th)


Experience the benefits of a more consistent yoga practice, and win prizes along the way!

Over the 30 Days, you’ll work toward de-cluttering your mind, feeling better in your body, and living more intentionally.

New to Kindred Yoga? Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of our 30 Days for $30 intro deal.  There is no additional cost to sign-up for the challenge – just the cost of classes.


Winner receives a free month of yoga and voucher for a free massage. Every class you take earns you an extra chance in the prize drawing.

How to get in on the challenge:

1) Sign up in person, or fill out the form below.

There’s no additional charge beyond regular class rates.

2) Set your personal yoga class goal.

We recommend aiming for one class more than you would normally do each week. If you’ve fallen off the yoga wagon, or haven’t yet started, aim for 5 classes. If you’re already practicing regularly, see if you can get an extra 4-5 classes in over the 30 days.

3)  Complete the Mind-Body-Life Worksheet.

It’s a quick and simple exercise to help you focus on the goals that a consistent yoga practice will support. We’ll send it to you after you sign up.

4)   Track your classes.

You’ll receive a personal tracking card to keep at the studio so you can track your attendance every time you come to class. We’ll also track your classes on our end.

5)   Sit quietly for 5 minutes a day – even if you’re not coming to a studio class.

To fully experience all the benefits yoga has to offer, consistency is key. While you may not be able to make it to your mat every day, committing to 5 silent minutes of breathing and/or meditation is a powerful way to maintain your connection to your practice and shift your mind and life. And everyone has an extra 5 minutes!


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