Yoga classes that work for YOUR body.

Whether you're just beginning your yoga practice, have been practicing for years, or have an injury or illness that limits your mobility - we have a yoga class for you. Our guiding intention is to make each and every yoga class nurturing, empowering, and revitalizing – so that you can put your best foot forward when you step off your mat and into the world.

Choose the class style that's right for you ...

Gentle Yoga

Release tension, calm your mind,  and build strength, flexibility and mobility at a slow, gentle pace. (Great for all levels. This is the class we recommend starting with if you have an injury, health condition, or mobility restriction.)

Expect slower paced class that enables you to take the time to adapt poses for your unique body using the support of the wall, props, and chairs if needed.

Gentle doesn't always mean easy, and you'll be encouraged to build strength at times while working safely within your own capacity.  Classes finish with gentle stretch exercises, restorative poses, relaxation, and brief meditation time woven in.

Kindred Flow

Half moderately-paced flow for strength and balance / half deep stretching and relaxation. With this blend of yin and yang practices, you’ll feel strong, focused, calm, and stress-free. All levels welcome.

Hatha Align

Our Hatha Align classes, focus on good alignment in foundational yoga poses. We emphasize mindful movement, breath, and proper form within poses to help you build strength, balance, and vitality. This moderately-paced all levels class offers basic poses with options to take the poses deeper to allow you to tailor the class for your own personal ability and needs.  

Energy Flow

Our Energy Flow classes are the most vigorous, athletic, style classes on our schedule. We focus on alignment and breath to build strength, balance and flexibility in a dynamic way. Expect a moderate to fast pace and lots of variety. Each classes is different - creatively sequenced and themed, with each teacher bringing their own flair. We highly recommend already having an established yoga practice or at least 3 months of yoga experience.

Release + Restore Yoga

Replenish your body, still your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit.  (All levels are welcome)

A combination of gentle flowing movements, yin yoga (long-held deep stretches) and restorative poses to calm the mind and free the body from tension. 

A great class when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depleted, or busy. Also a wonderful complement to your more active workouts. 

Expect:  Lots of seated and reclining poses held for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes), intermingled with periods of flowing movement and periods of long supported restorative poses to ease your body, mind, and spirit.

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