This guest pass is good for your first class only (one per customer, valid for 30 days).

This guest pass is good for your first class only (one per customer, valid for 30 days).

Here's your free pass ... We're looking forward to seeing you in class!

Print this page and bring it to class, present it to us on your phone, or simply remember and quote the promo code KINDREDGUEST to get your first class free.

We encourage you to book your class in advance ...

SIGN UP ONLINE or email us and let us know which class you'd like to attend. 

Which class is right for you? Check out our handy guide below, or visit our class descriptions page.

Where to Find Us

We run our classes out of the studio inside Anytime Fitness Collegeville (right next door to Goodwill). Anytime Fitness members and non-members are welcome to take our classes. If you're not a member, simply use the "guest" door. We'll be at the front door to greet you 15 minutes before the start of class. Check out our contact page for more details on our location. 

Choosing the Right Class For You

If you're a beginner ...

  1. Join a yin class - it's a slower moving, more gentle class focused on stretching the body and stilling the mind.
  2. Join us for our next Yoga Beginner's Workshop. We hold them every month - usually on Sundays - and they run for 90 minutes.
  3. Try any All Levels class. We offer modifications for all levels and have lots of beginners in these classes. 
  4. Book a private session and learn how to modify poses for your body.

If you're looking to build strength, balance, and flexibility ...

Try our All Levels or Power Yoga classes. They're very similar, and modifications are always offered to help you customize your experience for your own needs. Our Yoga Basics classes follow a similar format, and are great even for experienced students who want to stick to the basics.

If you're feeling stressed out, anxious, exhausted, or need to bring your active lifestyle into balance ... 

Slow down, restore, re-balance, and stretch in our yin classes. They're the perfect complement to your busy lifestyle and intense workouts. And because we move slowly, you'll have plenty of time to modify poses for your own body. 

If you have limited mobility due to an injury, illness, or a tight body due to lifestyle or age ...

Check out our Gentle Yoga Classes. We use lots of different props to help make classical yoga poses accessible and beneficial for all bodies. You'll get all the support you need to help you make yoga work for you!